jumping castles + slides

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3 in 1 Junior

Four pillar castle with slide and pond. Dimensions - 6.7 (L) x 4.2 (W) x 2.4 (H)

Pirate Boat

Very popular with the small kid’s age 1 to 4 years High back wall, with steering wheel and wind man, with slide. Dimensions - 4.9 (L) x 3.8 (W) x 2.2 (H)

Monkey Paradise Island

Enter through the mouth, punch bag in the centre and palm trees on the back corners. Nice for animal themes. Dimensions - 6.3 (L) x 5.3 (W) x 2.4 (H)

Gladiator Blue Wave

Climb up 5 poles, slide down in a WAVE motion into the large pond. Very popular with teenagers and adults. Dimensions - 10.3 (L) x 3.8 (W) x 4.1 (H)

Gladiator Water Slide

Climb 4 poles, slide down a steep angle on long run into the pond. Dimensions - 9.2 (L) x 2.8 (W) x 2.7 (H)

Double Lane Slip + Slide

Take a long run down the double lane and race with a friend. Dimensions - 12 (L) x 2 (W) x 0.5 (H)

Bug Slide

Looks like a Bug with big eyes. Back area to jump, climb 4 poles and slide down into a pond.Can be used with or without water. Dimensions - 7.6 (L) x 2.6 (W) x 2.7 (H)

Electricity is dangerous!
PLEASE keep children away from the motors.